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How to judge the good or bad of detecting the crystal

Time:2023-08-01   visits:64

The measurement of crystal oscillator shell production manufacturers is not easy, so the detection of crystal is a very important part of main board maintenance. So, how to judge the quality of the detection crystal? Let Tengyu Electronics briefly introduce how to judge the quality of the detection crystal:

1. Use a multimeter (R × 10K gear) to measure the resistance value of both ends of the crystal vibration. In the metal part of the top of the tested electrical pen, if the test pen bubbles red, it means that the crystal is good; if the bubble is not bright, it means that the crystal is damaged;

Second, use a digital capacitor table (or capacitor file with digital universal meters) to measure its capacitance. Generally, the damaged crystal capacity is significantly reduced (different crystal vibrations have the range of normal capacity, which can be measured. Generally, it can be measured. Pf;

Third, close to the ears, sound is bad (the crystals inside are broken, and the frequency of the use can also change);

Fourth, test output foot voltage. Under normal circumstances, it is about half of the power supply voltage. Because the output is a sine wave (the peak value is close to the source voltage), when the multimeter is tested, it is almost half of it;

Fifth, use the replacement method or oscilloscope measurement.

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