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What should I do if the crystal is not cheerled or discontinued?

Time:2023-08-01   visits:61

The main reason for the crystal manufacturers of crystal base to be crystal is not stimulating or discontinued:

        Because the crystal is easy to produce mechanical stress and thermal stress when cutting feet and welds, too long weld temperature and long -term effects will affect the crystal, which can easily cause the crystal to be in a critical state. Essence When the crystal base manufacturer is welded, when the tince seeps through the small holes on the circuit board, the heel shell is connected to a piece, or the crystal is in the process of manufacturing. Single leaks occur in the connection, which will cause short circuit, which will cause vibration. When the frequency of the crystal is drifting and the frequency deviation of the crystal frequency is too much, it can not capture the center frequency of the crystal, which makes the chip unable to cheer up.

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