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What are the details that you need to pay attention to when producing the power module shell?

Time:2023-08-01   visits:59

What are the details that need to pay attention to when producing power module shells when producing power modules in the crystal oscillator shell? As the society continues to increase, electronic equipment plays an increasingly large role in various fields such as industrial production, transportation, and communications In cross -border e -commerce platform, the reliability of electronic equipment also determines the useful operation of various economic movements. Although the cost of power modules in electronic devices is very low, it can be called the "heart of the heart of electronic equipment" heart equipment. "The failure of the power module may directly lead to the paralysis of electronic equipment and cause irreparable losses.

In today's power module market, the AC/DC conversion and DC/DC conversion have gradually become a modular industry, and it has gradually become a tense component of various electronic equipment and active control equipment. The AC/DC power module and the DC/DC power module The quality and reliability also largely affect the reliability, obedience and maintenance rate of the entire equipment.