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Crystal oscillator shell manufacturer briefly introduces crystal

Time:2023-08-01   visits:54

The crystal can be equivalent to a two -terminal network with a capacitor and a resistor parallel and a capacitance. This network has two resonance points in electrical engineering, which is the lower frequency of the frequency. The frequency is parallel resonance. Due to the characteristics of the crystal itself, the distance between the two frequencies is quite close, and in this extremely narrow frequency range, the crystal vibration effect of crystal vibration is an inductance. Circuit.

     This parallel resonance circuit is added to a negative feedback circuit to form a sine wave oscillating circuit. Because the frequency range of the electromotive -equivalent effect is very narrow, even if the parameters of other components change greatly, the frequency of this oscillator will not have the frequency of the oscillator. a big change. Crystal vibration has an important parameter, that is, the load capacitance value. Select the parallel capacitance that is equal to the load capacitance value to get the resonant frequency called the crystal label. The general crystal oscillating circuit is connected to the crystal vibration at both ends of an anti -phase blew (note that the amplifier is not an anti -phase device), and there are two capacitors to the two ends of the crystal. In the ground, the capacity value of these two capacitors should be equal to the load capacitance. Please note that the pins of the general IC have an equivalent input capacitor. This cannot be ignored. The load capacitance of the general crystal is 15P or 12.5P. If you consider the equivalent input capacitor of the component pin, the two 22P capacitors to form the oscillating circuit of the crystal is a better choice.