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Crystal oscillator shell manufacturer introduces how to choose a filter

Time:2023-08-01   visits:156

The choice of the filter of the crystal oscillator shell production manufacturer should pay attention to the interception frequency; the rated voltage of the filter; the insertion loss of the filter; the rated current of the filter; the volume of the filter. The current value that the filter can flow for a long time during normal operation. The rated current is determined by the diameter of the leader of the filter. The larger the wire diameter, the larger the rated current.

       For filter components, the rated current is also related to the saturation characteristics of the inductive coil. When the current exceeds the rated current, the performance of the filter will decrease. The frequency point of the insertion loss of the filter is more than 3DB called the cut -off frequency of the filter. When the frequency exceeds the cut -off frequency, the filter enters the hindrance zone. In the barrier zone, the interference signal will be greatly attenuated. According to different occasions using filter (signal cable filter or power cord filter), the crystal shell can be used to determine the cut -off frequency of the filter.

       When filtering the signal cable, it is determined according to the bandwidth of the valid signal, and the deadline is greater than the bandwidth of the signal, so as to ensure that the useful signal is not attenuated. In the power line or DC signal line, when filtering, because the frequency of valid signal is very low, the problem of signal distortion is not the main factor. Longgang crystal shell, so it is mainly determined according to the frequency of interference signals. Inside the block of the device.