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The mechanical structure of the crystal oscillator

Time:2023-08-01   visits:62

The mechanical structure, it avoids the possibility of contact between other components of the vibration sheet and the crystal oscillator. At the same time, it also has an improved structure of power supply to the vibration sheet. The vibration sheet of the invention crystal oscillator consists of the convex part of the parts below, which is the vibration component surrounded by the convex components with a fine groove, and the vibration parts are connected to Relatively narrow connection parts, and use the same material to make these three components into one. Therefore, the relative position of the vibration component and the convex parts is constant. And it is impossible to contact each other between the vibration parts and the bump parts. In addition, because the thickness of the vibration parts and connection parts is smaller than the thickness of the convex parts, the vibration parts will never be in contact with the shells on both sides of the vibration part. Moreover, the vibration parts have electrodes and electrical leads on both sides, which extends on the electrode on both sides of the connection part. The upper shell and the lower case cover the sides of the vibration sheet, and each shell has a hole in the position of the electrical lead. Moreover, a cup of metal lead is fixed on the inner surface of the pores. Gasing seepage or spraying method to deposit metal particles on pitch to produce metal lead. Therefore, the current can be added to the electrode of the vibration parts through the metal lead.