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1. Minimalization, thin slicing, and chip type: In order to meet the light, thin, and short requirements of portable products represented by mobile phones, the packaging of quartz crystal oscillators is transformed from traditional nude metal shell covered with plastic metal to ceramic packaging. The volume of devices such as TCXO is reduced by 30 to 100 times. The thickness of TCXO packaged with SMD is less than 2mm, and devices with a size of 5 × 3mm in front have been available. 2. High -precision and high stability, the total accuracy of non -checked crystal oscillator can also reach ± 25ppm, and the frequency stability of VCXO can generally reach ± 20-100 ppm within the range of 10-7 ° C, while OCXO is within the same temperature range The frequency stability is generally ± 0.0001 ~ 5ppm, and VCXO is controlled below ± 25ppm. 3. Low noise, high frequency, and not allowed frequency trembling in the GPS communication system. Phase noise is an important parameter that characterizes the frequency of the oscillator. The phase noise performance of OCXO's mainstream products has greatly improved. Except for VCXO, other types of transistor's high output frequency does not exceed 200MHz. For example, the UCV4 series voltage control oscillator used for mobile phones such as GSM has a frequency of 650 to 1700MHz, a power supply voltage of 2.2 to 3.3V, and a working current of 8 to 10mA. 4. Low -power consumption, fast start, low voltage work, low -level driver and low current consumption have become a trend. The power supply voltage is generally 3.3V. Many TCXO and VCXO products have current loss of no more than 2mA. The rapid startup technology of quartz crystal oscillator has also made breakthrough progress.