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Classification of crystal oscillator

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The crystal oscillator of the manufacturer of the crystal oscillator shell shell shell is also divided into two types: passive crystal and source crystal.

       The English name of the passive crystal is different from the source of the source crystal (resonance). The passive crystal is Crystal, and the source crystal is called Oscillator. The passive crystals need to use the clock circuit to generate oscillation signals, and it cannot oscillate itself, so the saying of "passive crystal" is not accurate; source crystal is a complete resonance oscillator. The quartz crystal oscillator and quartz crystal resonator are an electronic device that provides a stable circuit frequency.

        The quartz crystal oscillator uses the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystals to vibrate, while quartz crystal resonant uses quartz crystals and built -in ICs to work. Cangzhou Tengyu Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of processing and production of various electronic appliances, hardware stamping parts, and automotive parts; , Switching power supply and other supporting processes with cases, bases, and other facilities. The oscillator is directly applied to the circuit, and the resonant generally needs to provide a 3.3V voltage when working. A oscillator has one more important technical parameter than the resonant: resonance resistance (RR), and the resonant has no resistance requirements. The size of RR directly affects the performance of the circuit, so this is an important parameter for the competition of various merchants.