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Simplicity of crystal resonator and crystal oscillator

Time:2023-08-01   visits:65

The crystal resonant of the crystal oscillator shell manufacturer and the crystal oscillator are the same

1. The crystal resonator and the crystal oscillator are encapsulated and plug -in packaging.

2. The scope of the crystal resonator and the crystal oscillator are consistent. Communication, wireless, and GPS can be seen everywhere.

Both are different

1. The price of crystal oscillator is often higher than the crystal resonator.

2. The crystal oscillator parameters have voltage units, and the crystal resonator parameters will not have voltage units.

3. The foot of the crystal oscillator is 4 or more including 4. The crystal resonator is usually 2 or 4. There is no crystal resonator with more than 4.

4. The height of the crystal oscillator is often higher than that of the transistor.

5. The crystal oscillator will not be made of ceramics, because the ceramic material has no sufficient stability compared to quartz, and it is far less accurate than the quartz material. The crystal resonant has quartz materials and ceramic materials. The commonly known ceramic resonator is one of the crystal resonant.

6. The nature of the crystal oscillator and the crystal resonator is inconsistent. The crystal oscillator does not need to use external components to vibrate, because there is a vibration chip inside the crystal oscillator. The crystal resonator needs to be vibrated with the help of external components.