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Tengyu electronic steel filter shell surface rust -proof treatment method

Time:2023-08-01   visits:61

The surface rust treatment method of the steel filter shell is usually divided into three methods and requirements: rust -proof, process rust and rust -proof. Rust -proof treatment between processes is generally adopted by water -based rust -proof and dehydration and rust -proof. The rust -proof time is short, which can meet the rust -proof requirements between processes. Craftsmanship anti -rust treatment includes passivation and rust, phosphorus, rust -proof, dehydrated rust -proof oil, etc., which are different due to the requirements of the process. Termination rust treatment is mainly oily rust. Because rust -proof oil is not easy to volatilize, its rust -proof time is longer.

       The development of my country's steel anti -rust processes is still in the initial stage. People lack the awareness or rust -proof method of anti -rust, and the rust -proof processes and products are still traditional concepts. With the rapid development of my country's industrial technology, the problem of anti -rust prevention has gradually become the theme of people's care. Phosphorus, passivation products, black products, water -based rust -proof agents, dehydrated rust -proof oil, hard membrane rust -proof agent and cutting prevention prevention Rusty liquid and other series of products. Scope of application: suitable for mechanical processing, grinding, heat treatment, electrolytic processing, black -haired orchid processing, and various metal or equipment after water -based cleaning, dehydration and rust, rust -proof, process rust -proof and long -term sealing Sexual rust -proof and so on.

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