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Crystal oscillator Shell Manufacturer Quartz Crystal Resonant Shell

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The quartz crystal resonant shell is very important for quartz crystal resonators, so that it can ensure the safe use of quartz crystal resonators.

Crystal oscillator Shell Crystal Vibration Base Manufacturer Manufacturer manufacturer Solitaine crystal resonant includes quartz chip and the upper metal electrodes and lower metal electrodes set on the two main surfaces set on the quartz chip set. The thickness of the inter -border is greater than the thickness of the edge. The advantage is to improve and enhance the trap of the resonant through the thickness of the thickness of the metal electrode, so as to ensure that the vibration energy is concentrated in the center of the resonator, thereby reducing the leakage of energy and the resonance device Installation and branches of damage, the crystal resonator shell can ensure the quality and performance of the resonant, making the frequency of the resonant more stable and reliable; the processing technology of the deformation metal electrode breaks through the existing design and the design and the design of the quartz chip in the resonant The limit of manufacturing has improved the further accurate and refined design technology of the crystal resonant shell, saves processing time and processing costs, improved production efficiency and saving manufacturing costs.

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