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Crystal oscillator application products and parameters requirements

Time:2023-08-01   visits:70

Crystal oscillator Shell Crystal Vibration Plate Manufacturer Manufacturer Crystal oscillator Application Products and Parameter Requirements

Used in frequency signal sources, navigation and other communication areas. Generally, standard quartz crystal oscillators are selected. The parameter requires the frequency range of 1-150MHz, and the frequency stability is ± 20ppm, ± 10 ppm, or a smaller ± 5PPM.

Used in wireless communication fields such as mobile phones, laptops, and GPS devices. Generally, it is divided into standard quartz crystal oscillator, temperature supplemental crystal, or pressure control crystal. The output mode is used in HCMOS. In order to maintain long -term signal stability, mobile phones generally require high parameters and packaging. The parameters require high precision, high stability and small size, and the accuracy is as high as ± 5ppm.

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