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Principle of Crystal oscillator Shell Manufacturers

Time:2023-08-01   visits:70

Crystal oscillator refers to cutting thin slices (referred to as chip) from a quartz crystal according to a quartz crystal. As a crystal oscillator. Its products are generally packaged in metal shells, and they are also encapsulated with glass shells, ceramics or plastic.

      If an electric field is added between the two polar plates of the chip, the crystal will produce mechanical deformation; on the contrary, if the mechanical force is applied between the polar plates, the electric field will be generated in the corresponding direction. This is called the voltage effect. If the interchange voltage is added between the polar plate, mechanical deformation and vibration will be generated, and the mechanical deformation vibration will generate an alternating electric field. Generally speaking, the amplitude of the mechanical vibration manufacturer of the crystal oscillator shell shell is relatively small, and its vibration frequency is very stable. However, when the frequency of the outer plus transformation voltage is equal to the inherent frequency of the chip (determined to the size of the chip), the amplitude of mechanical vibration will increase sharply. This phenomenon is called voltage resonance. The circuit principle and application of this quartz crystal is also called quartz crystal resonator.