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How to recover from the filter signal recovery

Time:2023-08-01   visits:63

The crystal oscillator base tells you the method of recovery of the filter signal!

Using Nuhertz design in MWO, crystal shell, MWO is a special design software for radio frequency. The nuhertz filter design tool encapsulated is better in the filter design software I currently. The circuit is fine. It is generally integrated into two forms of circuits. You can choose as needed. After the design, you can see the characteristics of the circuit's frequency response, frequency response, and the delay of agricultural product groups. It's right. I used it to design a lot of different forms of filters. As a result, it was very accurate. Input and output impedance? 2, Qualcomm filter Q value (that is, steepness), such as Qualcomm 250MHz, 20dB at 200MHz attenuation? Or how many do you need? Step high -pass filter 3. When the low frequency of the low -pass filter is low, the crystal shell is customized, and the carrier component will be filtered out. The crystal shell is made, which is a sine wave (bag).

Crystal oscillator, referred to as crystal, crystal shell manufacturers, is the role of producing the original clock frequency. This frequency becomes a variety of bus frequency in the computer after the frequency generator is enlarged or reduced. Taking the sound card as an example, to implement the sampling of the analog signal 44.1kHz or 48kHz, the frequency generator must provide a 44.1kHz or 48kHz clock frequency. If you need to support these two audio at the same time, there are two crystal cards.